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BGCHarlem Joins the Dance Masterclass!

At the invitation of Misty Copeland and Disney in celebration of the Home release of the Nutcracker film, BGCHarlem kids and Harlem School of the Arts kids participated in a Master Class taught by the students and professional dancers of Dance Theater of Harlem.

The event and the setting were quite poignant in that 50 year’s ago, DTH founder Arthur Mitchell began DTH in response to the assassination of MLK. We were excited to have the kids participate in this demonstration as for many it was their first exposure to ballet as well as witnessing dancers of color in the classical ballet genre!

In addition to celebrating the release of the film and MLK, It was also #BalletDay around the world.

We want to thank all that helped to make the day fantastic and we look forward to partnering with DTH, HSA Disney to expose more of our kids to the fine and performing arts.

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