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Black Lightning teams up with BGCHarlem

We are looking to implementing a Local Heroes program to support BGCA’s Youth Development Professionals, who play the role of everyday superheroes for the millions of kids and teens they serve. Whether the message is coming from us at the #BGCHarlem Clubhouse or from the mouth of a superhero himself!"

On February 11th, Characters from the cast of Black Lightning surprised us at the clubhouse joining our fight to uplift local heroes in the community to make sure youth have the chance to learn from adults with character. "The message of our show is community, affecting our community, taking on the responsibility of trying to affect change, positively affect the community," said Cress Williams, who plays the superhero title character and Marvin Jones III. "So it just seemed like a natural fit ."

Cress Williams was accompanied by his on-screen nemesis, Marvin Jones III, who plays villain Tobias Whale who added "Harlem, a community being much like the fictitious community on our show, Freeland, where you have a lot of diversity as well as social and economic issues that come up all the time,"

Williams also noted that it was important for them to have come to Harlem during February because after spending time with over 50 youth from our clubhouse, he knew that "They can see on television these art-like characters that come from where they come from and represent them and to see them in person just solidifies that even more," said WIlliams. "Hopefully, it encourages them to push through any obstacles to make their dreams come true."

Check out the video from News11 that was captured during Black Lightning's heroic visit!

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