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#BGCWeek 2019

BGCHarlem supports and advocates on behalf of over 1,000 Harlem youth every day. Each day during BGCWeek 2019 we hosted a series of activities highlighting respect and kindness.

We also prioritize mental and physical health in all of our clubhouses! In addition to the exercise activities kids participated in, our staff learned how to give mental health first aid and how to recognize situations that call for their intervention!

Our youth also learned to use their words to promote kindness and respect through poetry! Listen in on how these young voices called for more compassion in their writings and how they spoke about the importance of treating others the way that you want to be treated.

We ended the week on a fun note! Our youth finger painted promises to carry out the values of respect and kindness going forward before we kicked off an awesome game night where students enjoyed games of ping-pong, Connect Four, Sorry!, cards and Beyblade.

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