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Using our Voices

This summer, students learned a productive way to channel their creativity and frustrations while letting their voices be heard. Students were able to tap into their creativity and engage in activism by creating “think pieces” and “art installations” advocating for community needs and injustices.

They were able to let their voices be heard as they evaluated issues they would like addressed in their community through "Zines." Students created banners, researched youth activists, and created political campaigns. They also analyzed different versions of activism that they see in their community but might overlook.

Through this process, students learned how to:

  • Productively channel frustrations through creative expression

  • Feel more like a part of their community

  • Better understand the conversations happening that affect their community every day

  • Better understand the role they play or can play in shaping their community

For a full-recap of all the activities our Campers participated in, click here.


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