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Inspiring New Trailblazers This Black History Month at BCGHarlem

This Black History Month, we celebrated the historical contributions of African Americans. Clubhouse youth learned about those who paved the way for a better tomorrow.

These include Black people who fought for inclusion, civil rights, and education. We also highlighted some of those who have made a lasting impact on Black culture.

Historical Figures

The contributions of Black people throughout American history have been phenomenal. Students need to see that race should never get in the way of them achieving greatness.

So, we kicked off our celebration with a dance party for our kindergarteners at PS 368.

Going beyond music, our older students at PS 92 learned about Black inventors. And, from information gathered on them, students highlighted 80 inventions with historical facts.

Black scientists reviewed ranged from those alive in the 1800s to those living now.

To inspire our little ones, younger kids learned about Garret Morgan. Garrett designed the traffic light and gas mask. He did so with only a 6th-grade education in the 1800s in the face of racial discrimination.

From Garrett Morgan’s story, the younger kids learned they are never too young to create something the world needs.

Black History Museum

To honor the memory of Black trailblazers, our nine and ten-year-old members erected a Black History Museum. Each exhibit features the artwork, quote and/or fact sheet of the figure they selected.

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