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#BlackPantherChallenge Has Raised Enough Money To Send 23,000 Kids To See ‘Black Panther’

The initiative on GoFundMe has collectively raised over $300,000.

Black Panther is less than a week away from hitting theaters on Feb. 16, with the powerhouse film poised to make history and inspire the masses.

Needless to say, excitement is in the air and thanks to New York-based activist Fredrick Joseph and his now-viral #GoFundMe campaign #BlackPantherChallenge, roughly 23,000 children will be able to see the film in theaters.

As reported, the GoFundMe initiative, which was launched in mid-January, has since collectively raised over $300,000, with people from all over donating to ensure that children across the nation will be able to watch the film on the big screen.

Due to the success of the initiative, GoFundMe launched a revamped campaign page with proceeds set to go to a variety of charities with similar missions. Jemele Hill, Viola Davis, Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Clinton and others have each made generous donations.

Additionally, Joseph recently appeared on an episode of Ellen alongside actor Chadwick Boseman, where the celebrity host announced that she not only is covering the screening costs to allow the Harlem Boys and Girls club members to see the film (which sparked the first initiative in the first place) and allow the original $42,000 raised to go toward the organization but she also presented the fundraiser organizer with a check for $20,000 in partnership with Shutterfly to help with his own personal debt.

"All children deserve to believe they can save the world, go on exciting adventures, or accomplish the impossible," Joseph said in a statement shared with The Root.

"I am grateful that all of you have answered the call and are taking action to help more kids watch their heroes on the big screen. Let's keep pushing forward. If you're a teacher, buy tickets for your entire classroom.

If you're a coach, take your team. If you're a community leader, do some organizing and get the kids and parents in your community to the theater."

Absolutely incredible. Take a look at some clips highlighting and celebrating Frederick Joseph and #BlackPantherChallenge below.

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