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Hakuna Matata: Matching Mood and Music, featuring The Lion King!

An At-Home Literacy Lesson Plan Crafted by BGCHarlem Literacy Specialist Fabiola Marceline Augustin

Photo: The Lion King


Emotions are a universal language that transcends cultures and lifestyles. Using music and weather to explore emotions encourages students to identify non-verbal modes of communication.

Whether it’s serene calm or tense drama, said emotions could be conveyed without the need for words.

The “Mood and Music Match-up” will help students identify the role music and weather plays in emphasizing the mood of a specific movie scene. This is an excellent way to encourage social-emotional development as well as explore the emotional day to day effect of weather and music.

If your child cannot read, read the text out loud to them. Ask them the questions and have them respond and/or solve on a separate sheet of paper. If your child can read, simply give them the second page of this handout and have them read the text out loud or in their head.

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Materials: A partner, blank paper, pen or pencil, Internet access/YouTube

Addresses Common Core Standards:




(You may click here to print the lesson or the student may view the lesson online and write his/her answers on a separate piece of paper)


Hakuna Matata:

Matching Mood and Music, featuring The Lion King!

This activity introduces students to the concept of mood through the vehicle of music and weather. The mood is the feeling, or the atmosphere, created by an array of feelings the work evokes in the audience.

For example, a story that begins with “It was a dark and stormy night” will probably have an overall dark, ominous or suspenseful mood.

Step 1: Students will view a brief movie clip. While they watch the clip, students will focus on the specific elements that create the mood. Students will use the attached worksheet or a separate piece of paper to determine how the clip makes you feel.

Be sure to distinguish between negative and positive moods and identify the individual elements that create a mood.

Clip 1: Circle of Life (Official Video from The Lion King)

Clip 2: Final Battle Lion King 2 (The Final Battle)

Guided Questions

  • Which Clip would you identify as the calm clip, and why?

  • What was the weather like for the calm clip?

  • What were the facial expressions of the characters?

  • Can you describe their moods?

  • Which clip would you identify as being dramatic, and why?

  • What was the weather like? What were the facial expressions of the characters?

  • Can you describe their moods?

Bonus Question

  • Which clip did you have the strongest reaction to, and why?


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