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Transition Tuesday Activity: Improv!

Today, we are introducing the concept of improv storytelling. Improv is "storytelling on your feet," according to Greg Atkins' Improv Handbook for the Actor. This means creating in the moment response to one's environment and feelings.

It can also be seen as spontaneous group storytelling. This type of storytelling includes several people. These individuals work together to build a story with little or no prior knowledge of what the other people in the group will say.

Improv is fun, and it can bring about new ideas, perspectives, and ways to behave.

Club members are invited to share their stories in a way they find most fun, starting with the creation of a 2-3 minute story about change with the following prompts:

  • A character

  • A conflict

  • A change in behavior or decision

  • The outcome

Note that there's no right or wrong way anyone can tell the story. Just have fun!

In our next session, we will invite you to set goals and create a wishlist of activities and content for future sessions.

In the meantime, reflect on what is the one thing that was fun about today. And, what is the one thing you look forward to next week.


Harlem youth can attend Transition Tuesday classes live on Zoom on Tuesdays at noon through August 14, 2020. Parents, sign up your student(s) for Virtual Summer Programming at

To learn more about our Virtual Summer Programming, click here.

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