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Connecting Improv, Telling Our Stories To Prepare Us For The Next Chapter

This week, we are re-introducing the concept of improv storytelling from Smart Moves. Improv is "storytelling on your feet," according to the Improv Handbook. This means creating in the moment responses to one's immediate environment and feelings.

It can also be seen as spontaneous group storytelling in which several players will try to build a story with little or no prior knowledge of the direction of other participants. The results of improv pieces performed by members can bring about ideas, new perspectives, and new ways to behave.

Improv also allows us to use our creative thinking, as well as experience the unexpected! As we continue our journey, we will encounter many unknown situations. Telling our stories, using our creativity, learning both to lead and follow, and exploring the unexpected can prepare us for new chapters in our lives.

The theme of our activity this Tuesday is the next chapter, as we prepare for school again, either entering into a new grade, new classroom, or new school.

Have you student attend our Zoom call to discuss how they feel about their next big steps.


Harlem youth can attend Transition Tuesday classes live on Zoom on Tuesdays at noon through August 14, 2020. Parents, sign up your student(s) for Virtual Summer Programming at

To learn more about our Virtual Summer Programming, click here.

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