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Parent Self-Care Checklist

Crafted by BGCHarlem Director of Social & Emotional Learning, La Shell Wooten

Boys & Girls Club of Harlem understands how challenging these circumstances are on parents. We also know that it is important for parents to take care of themselves, especially in trying times.

Let’s see how you are caring for yourself.

Check the boxes that apply.


☐ Eat regularly (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

☐ Exercise or take walks

☐ Get medical attention when needed

Take breaks to rest daily

Get six or more hours of night sleep

Do a fun physical act daily

Take breaks from technology/social media

Shower/bathe every day


Stay in touch with good friends

Allow yourself to cry or share difficult emotions

Say positive words/affirmations to yourself

Read enjoyable books/watch funny movies

Do activities that comfort you

Acknowledge proud moments for yourself

Think about your future goals/dreams

Get support from friends, family, neighbors, other parents


Take time to pray, meditate or reflect

Look for inspiring messages

Be grateful for the non-material things in your life

Celebrate accomplishments in your day, week, life

Observe and appreciate nature (sky, trees, birds)

Participate in spiritual activities, gatherings, groups

Listen to inspiring music

Be compassionate to others and yourself

We know how much you are doing for your children at home. Here are some ideas you try for yourself:

✔ Take a long warm bath

Talk to a counselor

Stretch your body

Write a gratitude list

Try something new

Try mini-meditations

Dance or do something energizing

Write out your thoughts/ideas

Have a call with a friend

Sit still, by yourself for five minutes

Take a walk (safely)

Enjoy chocolate or wine

Throw out things you don’t need

Listen to music or read

Laugh a lot


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