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Making Summer Fun for Harlem's Youth

For 40 years, Boys & Girls Club of Harlem has proudly served the youth and community of Harlem.

We fill the gap between school and home by providing a positive, welcoming environment where kids and teens can have fun, participate in life-changing programs, and build supportive relationships with peers and caring adults.

This summer, we will support kids, ages 5-12, with an array of fun, on-site programming to address learning loss.

Summer activities for Club kids will include:

  • In-person and virtual activities for daily academic enrichment to foster grade-level proficiency in language arts and math.

  • Activities for both participants and their parents to further adjust to online learning come fall.

  • Wellness, mindfulness, social, and emotional support activities. Participants have had limited opportunities for play and exercise during the pandemic and may have struggled with emotional and physical self-care.

  • A series of workshops, discussion groups, and other interactive activities on-site and virtually to promote physical fitness, balance, self-regulating behaviors, positive engagement, and peer interaction.

  • Cultural arts programming that will promote positive self-expression.

With the shifts we have made in our summer program, we ask that you continue to support the new strides BGCHarlem is making to continue our commitment to Harlem’s youth through the summer.

Your generous donation will give new, engaging, and exciting experiences to kids who need it during this crucial out-of-school time.

Supporting our campers will also reduce the financial burdens their families face and open them to amazing experiences and memories that will last them a lifetime.

Please support our BGCHarlem kids this summer by making a gift by clicking the donate button below.

Thank you for your continued support!

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